About Us

How Essential Pieces, LLC Got Started.

Where it all started.

 Just like most women entrepreneurs, my journey started when I was much younger. I was fortunate to have a beautiful, stylish mother, through whom I not only learned the art of putting stylish pieces together but also developed an entrepreneurial mentality. As the oldest of 3 daughters, who didn’t grow up with much, I knew from as young as seven years of age that I had to be a businesswoman when I grew up.

 With the decades that went by, my passion for fashion grew stronger and I found myself experimenting with outfits and styles all the time. And before I knew it, I became the go-to person for fashion advice to all my friends, sisters, and clients.


The long journey.

Throughout the years, I was always troubled by the frustration of not finding fine, luxe-looking fashion locally, and had to drive for hours to find something that fit my outgoing, classy style of fashion. For someone who loved all things luxury but not the trouble it took to get my hands on it, I had to find a better alternative!

 And that’s how Essential Pieces, LLC was born.


Making luxe fashion accessible!

 With this store, my team and I strive to make it easy for women everywhere to find fine fashion that is distinctively sassy and premium without the outrageous price tags that big fashion brands come with. With our brand, we hope to empower women to be their best-dressed selves and experience the confidence that comes with it.

 Each of our essential pieces is designed and pieced together by me, so you can enjoy true luxury and all the attention that you deserve.


Sharon L. P. Simkins

Founder, Essential Pieces, LLC



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